Prepositions Visual and Ausio Interactive

Here is a useful tutorial on English prepositions for ESL students.

 Prepositions Audio and Visual Interactive

Putting English to Work Videos Online

This is the LAUSD site for Distance Learning. It includes videos for Putting English to Work 1 and 2 as well as Citizenship and Parenting videos. Verb Videos.... has videos for you to practice pronunciation and verb conjugation. Above is the first of four videos. You can find the rest by clicking here.

Listen and Read

Listen and Read is a site I heard about from Larry Ferlazzo. It looks useful for beginning readers or ESL students.

Vocaroo for Easy Voice Recording

Practice your pronunciation with this simple and free online voice recorder. 

Powered by Vocaroo Voice Recorder

The Electric Company Songs

The Electric Company was the show kids watched when they became too old for Sesame Street. There were some great musical guests and some future super stars on this show. (The Menu Song is one of my favorites!

Here is a playlist of 50 songs from the show. All of them are educational and fun to watch and listen to. Enjoy!