California Driver's License Practice Tests

Here is a great resource for people that will be taking their driver's license written test.

English Sentences with Audio

Practice listening, pronouncing and correctly using vocabulary in a variety of English sentences.

ESL Medical Reading and Listening

Many English language learners are interested in becoming a worker in the medical field. As our population ages the job growth for the medical sector of our economy is growing quickly. English language learners can use the medical vocabulary for ESL students site as an extra tool in their journey towards a medical career.

nursing school

Learn English with VOA Special English

Voice of America is a great place to practice English listening and reading skills. It has current news stories transcribed and recorded. Click above to visit.

Putting English to Work Videos Online

This is the LAUSD site for Distance Learning. It includes videos for Putting English to Work 1 and 2 as well as Citizenship and Parenting videos. Verb Videos.... has videos for you to practice pronunciation and verb conjugation. Above is the first of four videos. You can find the rest by clicking here.