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English Grammar Lessons for ESL

Khan Academy is a great resource for mathematics, but did you know that it has a Grammar section?

Vocabulary word list for VOA Learning English

I found this list on Manythings.org and I hope you find it useful as you listen to the VOA link above.

U S A Learns 2

Aesop's Fables

Every child should learn the lesson's taught in Aesop's Fables. These 2,000 year old stories are short and full of wisdom. Their brevity also makes them an excellent resource for teaching English as a second language 

Learn English with VOA Special English

 Voice of America is a great place to practice English listening and reading skills. It has current news stories transcribed and recorded. There are subtitled videos and levels for English learners of differing aptitudes. This is a great resource for ESL listening practice and vocabulary building.

A PDF Handbook of Phrases for ESL

This is a link to a PDF with hundreds of common English phrases. The phrases are very useful for beginning English speakers and are very helpful to get through those intimidating first conversations.

Conversation Starters

Learn a song

This site has a variety of songs with lyrics included. It is a fantastic way to learn the rhythms and sound of English. It is a section of the fantastic ESL website Manythings.org



Adjective Order

A useful chart for learning adjective order in English....

Learn with subtitled English Videos

These videos can help with pronunciation, vocabulary and listening. You will love them!

 VOA Videos

USALearns free English class

This site was created a few years ago and has been a great success. It is a three level English course free to anyone. Give it a try.


ESL Videos

Here is a great site for ESL videos on many topics. Try them all.


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